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“They don’t build ’em like they used to.”
This is absolutely true in this case! The old classics we all love so well just can’t do the stuff this CarolBrass trumpet is capable of. It is a very special trumpet indeed! All of the R & D and meticulous build put into the CTR-6580H-GSS-L paid off big time making it one very powerful, yet easy to blow trumpet. An extra heavy build throughout the primary tubing, precision close tolerance fit Stainless valves and the heavy weight gold brass bell all contain your sound producing effort within until it ultimately is projected out of the 5” bell to the back seats. With a .460” bore it’s not a monster horn, but it is built so heavy and tolerances are so tight you just aren’t expending air or using up sound vibrations anywhere but out in front of the bell. No gimmicks, just a solid heavy build. This practically eliminates any possibility to go brassy or bright, making it an excellent section "blender" when subdued. But when you lift the bell and blow, this trumpet can easily carry over any size ensemble when soloing demands it. Feedback or "presence" is not high to the player, but the true professional can be confident that plenty of pure, clear trumpet sound is reaching out to their audience.

DOUBLE-THICK TUBING: (at least!) We were looking for words to describe how the unique long one-piece double-thick leadpipe is built, and the more we thought about it the more we knew it HAD to be more than double thickness! The pipe is actually built of a double thickness nickel silver tube. This double thickness single piece extends the full length of the pipe, from the opening on the receiver to the end of the main tuning slide outer tube portion. That’s the beautifully polished long one-piece pipe you see from the outside. What you don’t see is what we found when we looked inside with a bore scope to see what made it tick. It has a conventional tapered leadpipe section inside extending from the end of the mouthpiece (at the air gap) to the beginning of the main tuning slide outer tube, where on a 3-piece leadpipe it would normally enter the outer slide tube a short distance. This means that in that center tapered section, the leadpipe is definitely triple-thick! Oh, and we also found that the inside of that center section is the same color as the inside of the gold brass bell. So yes, this has a gold brass center section (inside layer). All of the tuning slide outer tubes are made of the same double-thickness nickel silver tubing (see close-up photo), and when combined with the terrific close-tolerance valves the sound has nowhere to go but out the front. 


.460” bore Bb trumpet, lacquer finish
5” gold brass bell, std. size (37) std. weight .024”
1-piece twin thick nickel ML slow taper leadpipe
All outer slide tubes and tubing connecting to
       valve block elbows are double thickness
       nickel-silver (see photos)
Yellow brass inner slide tubes
Stainless steel valves with lightweight springs  
.6 oz. weighted bottom caps, lightweight buttons
Extra set of thin lightweight brass finger buttons
2 main tuning slides, rounded, squared (D-shaped)
CMS fleece storage pouch for the spare main slide
First valve slide round thumb ring & stop screw
Third valve slide fixed finger ring & sstop screw
Full round right hand pinky ring
Lee’s water keys, Amado-like but more efficient
3C CarolBrass mouthpiece, cleaning rod & cloth
Deluxe leather-look 2-handle hard case            
LaTromba T2 Valve Oil

SLOTTING: You hear a lot of claims about horns having good slotting, but this is one of our trumpets that has absolutely amazing slotting! With its heavy build (It actually weighs in at 2 lbs. 13.7 oz.) and fantastic valve action (the only light thing about this trumpet) it seems to rip off runs like glissandos on an electronic keyboard, with spot on intonation. Honestly, the ease and accuracy in executing 64th note runs with the CTR-6580-H-GSS-L seems almost mechanical with each tone clicked off with effortless control. Up high, down low, this trumpet performs evenly in all registers.   ...Don

2 lbs. 13 oz.