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The best way to check on availability is by email through the CONTACT US  page, or directly at We answer the phone when we can get to it  between 9 & 5 Monday thru Friday, but we check our email on a regular basis most of our waking hours.   …Don

This business is undergoing a re-organization.

We are not currently selling directly from this site, but will be back soon.

Meanwhile we do have limited items offered in eBay listings.

​Check out our USED HORNS and  TRADE-INS pages.

Also watch for links to eBay listing on pages of some accessories and other items.

Some of the item names listed in this site may temporarily be inactive links.

Helpful Links…

     Carol Trumpets, Carol Brass, CarolBrass… Which name is correct? Go to  ABOUT THE NAME…

     Pics & illustrations from the new  CarolBrass factory



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