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IN STOCK ITEMS:  In stock instruments ship by the second business day, with many shipped the same or next day, depending time of day purchased and whether they have already been serviced at the time of sale. Every horn we sell gets a disassembled inspection, full lubrication and a brief play test. We try to make sure there are no disappointments or surprises.

CAROLBRASS ITEMS NOT IN STOCK: If we don’t have it, there is a good chance our USA distributor will. We usually get overnight delivery from the distributor, so we can normally service and ship these items by the second business day.

FACTORY ORDERS: Special orders from the factory must be paid in advance and take approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery. This can vary by a couple of weeks (more or less time) depending on the build, finish and sometimes time of year.

The best way to check on availability is by email through the CONTACT US  page, or directly at We answer the phone when we can get to it  between 9 & 5 Monday thru Friday, but we check our email on a regular basis most of our waking hours.   …Don

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This site will continue to be a work in progress. There is always more information coming, so check back often for updates.

CarolBrass IN STOCK items are now for sale in our WEB STORE. We have stocked the site with CarolBrass, including some replacement parts. We also have various accessory items, Original Trumpet Toga products, Ultra-pure Oils products, and links to buy E-print music. The site you are on now, the site will continue to develop as an information only site, but you will find that items we have in stock or can handle on-line orders for are linked to the web store for making purchases.

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